Vanilla Sheep Milk Yogurt

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Our full-fat yogurt is probiotic and contains 12 live, active, beneficial cultures. Made with naturally homogenized sheep milk, free of antibiotics and growth hormones, our yogurt has a naturally thick,  creamy texture and clean, refreshing taste.

For our Vanilla Sheep Milk Yogurt we chose a blend of Madagascar beans for their classic sweet, rich flavor and Bourbon and Indonesian beans for their floral and cherry notes. We love the beautiful speck of color from the vanilla bean. Great in smoothies, salad dressings, muffins and cakes. Enjoy for breakfast, lunch and a healthy snack.

Available In These Sizes

6 oz

16 oz


Gold, CalExpo, Vanilla Sheep Milk Yogurt

Silver, NASFT Sofi, Vanilla Sheep Milk Yogurt

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